LÄSBISCH-TV from Berlin
The first lesbian TV magazine on this planet!
1991-1993                        Trailer on Vimeo

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More than 100 lesbian women participated in the production of the one-hour monthly (in the first half-year every second week) broadcast: LÄSBISCH-TV (LTV) from April 11th, 1991 to May 15th, 1993 with 27 magazins and an audience of up to 350.000 viewers on cable channel: FAB (Fernsehn from Berlin).

LÄSBISCH-TV was shown in alternation with the gay show ANDERSRUM, which aired three months earlier at the cable station FAB (Television from Berlin) and was founded by Rosa von Praunheim.
LÄSBISCH-TV regularly repeated video clips for the Wireless People in five venues in Berlin and was sent to 25 women & lesbian centers in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands on VHS copies.
Each 55-minute program consisted of 3 to 10-minute contributions from art, politics, sports, everyday life, film, news from around the world, event tips, and more.
A no-budget project, passionately idealistic in the midst of the madness of the commercial media apparatus.
We sometimes also used the programs for general feminist and political topics.
“Do we throw the TV out of the window?
LÄSBISCH-TV: to preserve the joie de vivre!”
We documented events, women’s and lesbian congresses, film festivals etc. and showed our contributions all over the world (!), turned there again and sent it in the next program.
Contributions were u. a. by Sharron Sawyer, Susu Grunenberg “What I always wanted to say to my mother”, Heidi Kull with the hit “Me & Frau Berger!”, Krisi Barock “Women’s Football”, “Have you ever kissed a woman?”, “She for Berlin” (Sie für Berlin); the legendary “heroines” (Heldinnen): Nathalie Percillier & Kerstin Schleppegrill; Ira Kormannshaus, Barbara Klingner, Kirsten Lenk, Silke Schlichting, Svenja Hehner, Angelika Levi, Sabina Streiter, Heike Bill, Eybe Ahlers, Die Praxis, Aras Vehlow, Mahide Lein, Annie Porcheron, Guy St. Louis, Vedant Anke-Rixa Hansen,  Dr. Laura Méritt, Mizza Caric, Wiebke Hoogklimmer, Eldoradio, Christopher Street Days, Walpurgis Night, “Die 2”, Berlinale und TEDDY AWARD and many more…

LÄSBISCH-TV was supported by Goldrausch, the Women’s Association of the Senate Department of Culture, Department for same-sex lifestyles (Senate for Youth, Sports, Family), many foundations and the Astas of the Universities of Berlin for travel expenses to foreign film festivals where we BEST-OF showed and there brought material for the next shipments. – We cooperated with many international lesbian and feminist organizations.
In 1993, the heterosexual FAB makers were embarrassed by the gay-magazines Andersrum & LÄSBISCH-TV and quit both because they thought they would not be able to get on the antenna without us … well … it was pretty exhausting anyway Fee to work and with heavily begged low material costs to create the shipments.
For 26 years, the master tapes were stored by the founder and cultural mediator Mahide Lein.
Thanks to the BundesStiftung Magnus Hirschfeld, they were finally cataloged and digitized and migrated to LGBTQI & Women’s Archives as the foundation of a reference book for scientists and other users.

2018 Mahide Lein & Doro Etzler mounted all 27 one-hour broadcasts to 101 min. You can bye it on DVD, LÄSBISCH-TV Best-Of 1991-1993.
Mahide Lein goes around the world to film-festivals & projects with and tells stories from that legendary times 😉

All posts are still up to date and can be shown everywhere.


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